Poet Spotligth ~ Katherine Williams

Katherine Williams is  an artist, poet, scholar, and as I recently learned an HTML code master. How can one person be so good at so many things? We published her at Wherewithal, because you can’t decline a woman with this kind of talent! Enjoy!

Ode on Red


That last red rim of Helios dropping
Into the wine-dark sea below the Palisades
Thrilled him like original sin

As did sharing a slice
Of one of Geryon’s herd—
Here, watch it bleed when you stick it—

Closing night of the big Viola Retrospective
He thought it was supposed to be Bach
Not glorified loft videos—ditched that—

Took her to the Good Luck for a cosmo
Whole joint upholstered in Red he said My
Favorite compassing her in his mind like suede

His paintings were red his rug was red
The traffic light on his corner, only ever red
He put on Kind of Blue to throw her off a little

The walls nearly bled as he poured
Three fingers of Añejo into a ruby
Tumbler closed his eyes and began




On Modernism

..                              after Wikipedia, “Thing Theory”

Chicken theory
is a branch of critical theory

that focuses
on the role of chickens in literature

and culture.
It borrows from Heidegger’s

between objects and chickens,

an object becomes a chicken

when it is
somehow made to stand

out against
the backdrop of the world in which

it exists.

Chicken theorists look
at the role of chickens within literature

—at the fixation
on particular objects. Chicken

theory holds
particularly well as it applies

to the study
of modernism, due to the dictates

of modernist
poets, such as T. S. Eliot’s notion

of the objective
correlative” or William Carlos Williams’s

that there should be No ideas

but in chickens.



KwilliamsKatherine Williams has authored four chapbooks and read throughout southern California and the southeast. Her work is published in various anthologies and has received a Pushcart nomination. She has a bachelor’s in French, works in biomedical research, and lives on James Island with her husband, poet Richard Garcia.

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